Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Daryl D. Anthony

Attorney at Law

As a successful private practitioner, Daryl Anthony will personally handle your case. You will work directly with the lawyer you hired, not a junior associate from a larger business model, who may be learning at your expense. As an Orange County criminal defense attorney serving all of southern California, Daryl's practice is not a large firm rapidly processing cases through a system solely designed for profit. You will notice the personal attention you receive immediately and throughout the balance of your case defense.

Daryl Anthony is committed to helping his clients. He recognizes you have many criminal defense lawyers in Orange County to choose from. His practice grows by referrals from satisfied clients and obtaining good results. He has been a member in good standing of the California Bar Association for over 30 years with many professional success stories.

Every criminal allegation is serious and should be treated so. Criminal prosecutions cause serious long term ramifications that impact one’s personal and professional lives. These include stress, missed work hours, difficulty in obtaining employment, job termination, restriction and suspension of professional and drivers licenses, and government supervision and search conditions. If you are arrested or accused of a crime, your priority should be to obtain qualified legal counsel. That lawyer should be experienced and committed with proven results.

Daryl D. Anthony, Attorney at Law - 1810 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, California 92706