Criminal Defense Attorney in Fullerton

Daryl Anthony’s genuine love and passion for law began back in 1991 when he first started defending criminal cases and helping clients reclaim their lives. He began his criminal law career as a public defender before becoming a Deputy District Attorney and then opening his own private criminal defense law firm. Daryl Anthony is known across the Fullerton area as the lawyer to turn to for legal expertise and concentrated, one-on-one care. We’ve heard many stories about how other criminal defense lawyers pass off their clients to associates when the case isn’t intriguing enough for the senior partners, but Daryl Anthony handles every case himself – your case will never be handed off to someone else. If you’ve ever retained another criminal defense attorney, you’ve probably felt like your counsel wasn’t devoting enough attention to your case. We go to great lengths to make sure you get the representation you need and expect.

When you walk through the door of the Law Office of Daryl D. Anthony, a Professional Law Corporation, we guarantee you’ll be greeted by a criminal defense lawyer who will fight tirelessly in your defense. Thousands of our clients have had their criminal cases dropped as a result of our defense techniques, and we will always fight as hard as we can for you. The excellent reputation we’ve established at our local Fullerton law firm is important to us, and we’ve spent decades upholding it. If you find yourself in a legal predicament and you need a criminal defense attorney to come to your aid, look no further than our skilled law firm in Fullerton.

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, we’ll come to your defense and help you restore your reputation. We defend all types of criminal cases, including:

Aggravated Assault – PC 240 Aggravated Assault

Aiding and Abetting or Accessory – PC 31 Aiding and Abetting; PC 32 Accessory After the Fact

Arson – PC 451 Arson

Assault or Battery – PC 240 Assault; PC 242 Battery

Bribery – PC 641.3 Commercial Bribery; PC 67 Bribery of an Executive Officer; PC 67.5 Bribery of Ministerial Officers or Public Employees; PC 68 Bribery by Officers and Public Employees

Burglary – PC 459 Burglary

Child Abandonment – PC 270 Child Neglect

Child Abuse – PC 273d Child Abuse

Child Pornography – PC 311 Child Pornography

Computer Crimes – PC 502 Unauthorized Computer Access

Conspiracy – PC 182 Criminal Conspiracy

Credit or Debit Card Fraud – PC 484g Unauthorized Use of a Credit or Debit Card

Criminal Contempt of Court – PC 166 Criminal Contempt

Cyberbullying – PC 653.2 Cyber Harassment; EC (Education Codes) 32261, 32265, 32270, and 48900 Bullying of Pupils

Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing the Peace – PC 415 Disturbing the Peace

Domestic Violence – PC 273.5 Domestic Abuse

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation – HS 11379.6 Manufacturing a Controlled Substance; HS 11358 Cultivation of Marijuana

Drug Possession – HS 11350 Possession of a Controlled Substance

Drug Trafficking or Distribution – HS 11352 Drug Trafficking/Sale of a Controlled Substance; HS 11351 Possession for Sale of a Controlled Substance

DUI or DWI – VC 23152 Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated

Embezzlement – PCs 503-515 Embezzlement

Extortion – PCs 518-527 Extortion

Forgery – PC 470 Forgery

Fraud – PC 484 Fraud

Harassment – PC 653.2 Harassment

Hate Crimes – PC 422.6 Hate Crime

Homicide – PC 187a Premeditated Murder

Identify Theft – PC 530.5 Identity Theft

Indecent Exposure – PC 314 Indecent Exposure

Insurance Fraud – PC 550 Insurance Fraud

Kidnapping – PC 207 Kidnapping

Involuntary Manslaughter – PC 192 Manslaughter

Voluntary Manslaughter – PC 192 Manslaughter

Minor in Possession – BP 25662 Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Money Laundering – PC 186.10 Money Laundering

First-Degree Murder – PC 187 Murder

Second-Degree Murder – PC 187 Murder

Open Container – VC 23222 Open Container of Alcohol

Perjury – PC 118 Perjury

Probation Violation – Penal Code 1203.2a Probation Violation

Prostitution – PC 647b Prostitution

Public Intoxication – PC 647f Public Intoxication

Racketeering – PC 186 Racketeering

Rape – PC 261 Rape

Robbery – PC 211 Robbery

Securities Fraud – Corporations Codes 25110, 25540, and 25541 Securities Fraud

Sexual Assault – PC 243.4 Sexual Battery or Assualt

Shoplifting – PC 459.5 Shoplifting

Solicitation- PC 653f Solicitation

Stalking – PC 646.9 Stalking

Statutory Rape – PC 261.5 Statutory Rape

Tax Evasion – California Revenue and Taxation Code 19705; California Revenue and Taxation Code 19706

Theft – PC 484 Theft or Larceny; PC 487 Grand Theft; PC 488 Petty Theft

Vandalism – PC 594 Vandalism

White Collar Crimes – PC 186.11 White Collar Crimes

Wire Fraud – PC 502 Mail and Wire Fraud

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ll need a Fullerton criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Daryl D. Anthony to help you defend your case. Whether you’re weighing your options, you’re aiming for a lesser sentence or dropped charges, or you need help pursuing expungement so you can move on with your life with a clean slate, contact your trusted criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton. Your caring criminal attorney will get to know you and all the details about your case. We’ll consult with you to decide how to proceed, and we’ll represent you at any hearings, trials, and other legal proceedings. At our firm, you will be represented by a defense attorney who genuinely cares about you and wants to see you successfully put your problems behind you.

It can be hard to find a defense lawyer you can truly trust. A conviction would change your entire life, but you might not be familiar with the ins and outs of the court system and legal process. Legal terms and processes can be incredibly confusing. Luckily, your criminal defense attorney is there for you every step of the way. With the help of your criminal lawyer and at your direction, we’ll form a defense that makes sense for you. We truly want you to have the best possible outcome, and it’s always a joy to work with fellow Fullerton citizens. We will always work hard to defend your legal rights, and we know exactly what to do to help you move forward with your life as soon as possible.

Legal cases are as unique as the people and situations involved, so we always take a different, completely customized approach to every defense strategy. Our creative defense techniques have been proven time and time again to be overwhelmingly successful. You shouldn’t be defined by your mistakes, so we’ll work hard to make sure your reputation is restored and your life can move forward sooner than you ever expected. We’d be happy to sit down with you for a consultation and explain how we can help if you’ve been wrongly accused of a serious crime, are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, want to reduce your sentence and need information on how to do so, or think your legal rights have been violated. You do not have to fight this battle alone, so contact us before entering a plea or making any decisions about how to continue with your case. Your entire future might look different than you ever expected when you come to us for legal counsel. Daryl D. Anthony and his team are thrilled to play such a crucial role in your life, and we can’t wait to see the excitement on your face when you finally get the outcome we’ve fought for. We’re thrilled to walk alongside you as you work to overcome your legal obstacles.

Don’t have to face your legal battle alone – contact the Law Office of Daryl D. Anthony today at (714) 541-6644.