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5 star ratingDaryl Anthony is an overall great lawyer. He got my felony case dismissed. I was recommended by one of my friends whose case was also dismissed. He was very upfront every time I spoke with him and he gets the job done. He was very professional.
Carlos R. Avatar
Carlos R.
5 star ratingI truly recommend attorney Daryl D Anthony for his excellent job. My case wasn't easy but he was always positive during the process. Thank to his knowledge and professionalism he was able to help me. I'm so grateful with him for his excellent honest job.
Amalia P. Avatar
Amalia P.
5 star ratingChoosing a legal representative in it of itself is such an overwhelming decision, but I really couldn't be more thankful for having Daryl. He was such a strong resource of knowledge and support throughout a situation where I needed it most. I sincerely appreciate his professionalism, reliability, and honest communication. Trusting him with my case was the best choice I could've made.
David B. Avatar
David B.
Mr. Anthony recently defended me on a extremely high alcohol level DUI charge. He was very creative in his approach to my case, and worked multiple angles to get me the best outcome. He even got me out of a court issued warrant without any additional attorney, court or even any bail fees for the warrant. Mr. Anthony was very patient and readily available. Court complications caused my case to proceed for over a year. He never asked for additional funds, and out of multiple court dates, I only needed to be present at one. In the end, what should have amounted to the highest level of DUI sentencing was reduced to a conviction for less than 1/2 of the blood alcohol level that I actually was arrested at, and he negotiated penalties with regards to my input. I would recommend Daryl Anthony to anyone going through the DUI nightmare. He is not the cheepest, but you do get what you pay for.
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Very good experience in he's office...
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Jose H Vazquez
5 star ratingThis lawyer is an incredible man as you can see in his reviews, he changes the lives of others he definitely did with mine and led me to a path that was best for me and my family. As someone who was facing some serious charges and now a free man you're definitely making the right choice choosing this man as your lawyer.
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Anthony P.
5 star ratingIf I could give him a 10 I would.Daryl is a astute professional attorney that has helped me with my intricate case. He is supportive, understanding, patience, and he goes extra mile for his clients. He has the skill abilities to explain in simple language of my case. He has the intelligence of plea bargaining my case for better outcome. If you're in trouble, you want Daryl to represent you because he'll win for you.
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brisia c.
5 star ratingI was stressed out not knowing what to do about my dui cases and called Daryl and he immediately got to work on my case and recalled my warrants the next day after I hired him! I can't explain the joy and progress he's done for me and would recommend Daryl to anyone needed a great lawyer who always puts his clients first!
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Ese Q.
5 star ratingMr. Daryl Anthony successfully represented me against two felony charges of "Brandishing a Firearm". Those charges were commuted to a single misdemeanor offense, with no probation, to which I pled guilty. Due to Mr. Anthony's skills and expertise as a highly competent criminal defense attorney, my goal of avoiding a lengthy jail sentence was realized. I would highly recommend his services to others because of his many years of experience and familiarity with the Orange County justice system, and because I have found him to be both trustworthy and conscientious.
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Jeff S.
5 star ratingMy wife and I found ourselves in a difficult situation with our auto insurance company following a small "at fault" rear-end accident. My wife was the driver and we have a comprehensive high limit insurance policy.Mr. Anthony researched procedures affecting our "civil" case, in-spite of his criminal law practice, and offered informal suggestions how we might proceed forward prior to deciding whether or not to engage an attorney. We were not charged for his research and advice! We are extremely grateful for Mr. Anthony's integrity and honesty not taking advantage of our discomfort by persuading us to engage legal services prematurely.Over the course of the past 12 months, the plaintiff in the accident has been racking up questionable medical bills. A week ago the plaintiff's law firm sent a nasty letter demanding we disclose all of our assets, or state we had no significant assets beyond our insurance policy limits. Our insurance company forwarded the letter with their own cover letter suggesting we should decide whether to comply with the assets disclosure demand.This was a very uncomfortable position and we turned to our claims adjuster for advice. The claims adjuster said the insurance company couldn't advise us how to make certain decisions, and this is one of them. Perhaps we should see a private attorney of our choosing, at our expense. The plaintiff attorney's letter threated us with a personal property lawsuit if we didn't comply with their assets disclosure demand.We contacted Mr. Anthony, recommended by a friend, who practices criminal law. After relating our story and frustration, Mr. Anthony asked for a few days to discuss our matter with his civil law contacts. We met with him again today and he told us the following.Our insurance company is bound by law to fully represent us. Both we, and our insurance company share a common interest, to settle this case in the most favorable way for us and them. Since no lawsuit has been filed, there is no need to heed a frivolous demand by plaintiff's attorney for full financial assets disclosure. The attorney is trying to scare us into divulging information we are under no obligation to furnish to them.Mr. Anthony is a stellar attorney who can be trusted to advise clients honestly and accurately!
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Peter V.
5 star ratingExtremely communicative and attentive, Daryl worked hard to get me out of what felt like a hopeless situation into an extremely favorable outcome. He knows the law and has been practicing long enough to have built a network of depth within the Orange County court system. I can't thank or recommend him enough, and wouldn't hesitate to give him a call again if I ran into a bit of misfortune.
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Zach A.
5 star ratingI got in trouble late 2019 in a speed contest and thats when I called Daryl Anthony. Throughout the handful of court appearances and multiple delays of my case due to Covid-19, Daryl was with me every step of the way. Daryl is very professional and communicated with me thoroughly making sure I understood everything that was happening regarding my case. Thanks to him, I was able to close the case and walk away with a clean record once again. Thank you so much Daryl, I couldn't have picked a better attorney!
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Yohan H.
5 star ratingDaryl Anthony is hands down the most approachable defense attorney in the field of law. Never will you hear from a paralegal or office assistant. Daryl will be in contact with you direct with questions regarding your case, changes, updates and leave you with a piece of mind. If you are anything like me (who likes to sleep at night without worrying about getting arrested) TXT Daryl Anthony he is the man and you will be protected by the best!! Trust me.
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Justin S.
He did a completely great job on representing me in court, if your looking for a great and strong lawyer to handle your case definitely talk to Daryl Anthony, you will be very satisfied and I definitely give him A 5 star
Saints1177 Avatar
5 star ratingI jose m rivera could not be more pleased once again ,I have used Daryl anthony several times to represent me,and let me tell u he has come thru each and everytime he had the upmost best interest in all of my cases he is very professional, and caring to my needs, hes been very honest, and for what I have seen in my multiple cases that he has helped me he is highly respected in the court rooms, I would recommend darryl to all my friends and family my parents always had great feed back for me regarding darryl while incarcerated, they never doubted his ability to get me out of this bad situation I put myself in anyone who comes across this post dont look no further this is your guy 100 pct.
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Jose R.
5 star ratingDaryl Anthony got my son's case completely dismissed. He is a great attorney and always communicated with us and kept us informed. I would recommend Daryl Anthony to anyone who needs an attorney. He is the real deal.His price was very fair, he made a difficult situation easy. Thanks again!
James S. Avatar
James S.
Daryl helped my nephew from being charged with horrible criminal charges. My nephew would have been incarcerated for about 15 years but only did about 4 months with a fast trial. Thank you Daryl👍
Martha Avatar
5 star ratingThank you for your support in caring for your clients and community. I was never a client (thank goodness, I stayed out of trouble) but have seen Daryl really go above and beyond to help others. Keep up the great work!
Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
5 star ratingDaryl was an excellent choice for my son. He needed a reliable, honest, trustworthy attorney to represent him for a criminal matter. Darryl was very communicative to start and presented the possible outcomes. He understands the process and had expertience to navigate his client to a dismisal. I would recoomend his office to a friend that needs some adviice or counsel.
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Diana D.
5 star ratingI needed help for my son and was referred to Daryl Anthony by another lawyer who no longer did criminal cases. Making the call to Daryl was the best decision I made! All I can say is to anyone who needs help or legal advice Daryl Anthony is your guy. Daryl is very professional he always answered our questions, he's straight forward and a lawyer you can absolutely trust! The outcome of my sons case was amazing! We are so grateful and thankful to him!!!! Thank you Daryl Anthony, many blessings to you!
Roxanne S. Avatar
Roxanne S.
5 star ratingI needed help for my son and was referred to Daryl Anthony by another lawyer who no longer did criminal cases. Making the call to Daryl was the best decision I made! All I can say is to anyone who needs help or legal advice Daryl Anthony is your guy. Daryl is very professional he always answered our questions, he's straight forward and a lawyer you can absolutely trust! The outcome of my sons case was amazing! We are so grateful and thankful to him!!!! Thank you Daryl Anthony, many blessings to you!
Greg S. Avatar
Greg S.
5 star ratingFirst of all I must say that Daryl knows what he is DOING!! A total life saver! After so many court days I was so relieved and shed tears of joy after getting my felony vacated! I will forever be greatful! I recommend him to anyone struggling with criminal issues 100%, very understanding when it comes to financial problems. Thank you Daryl. Best attorney hands down.
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Leydy P.
5 star ratingWhile our 3 kids were in primary public school, and a school nurses knew nothing of holistic medicine, integrated with an MD's practice. She called Social Services and alleged that we were harming our kids with our questionable holistic treatments. We were immediately called and informed that they were coming to take our kids away from us. We were in complete shock, and asked Daryl for help. He quickly took our concerns that our kids were going to be taken away from us, and that the Social Services agent would discuss their concerns with us later, while out kids were taken out of our home! Daryl negotiated a meeting with the agent and his 2 RN nurses that would come to our home to look at our extensive documentations, why often times we had to integrate holistic and MD services. Our kids had many food and prescription allergies, causing us to use Integrative Medicine doctors. Daryl was present at the meeting, and answered questions for us, and made make certain that nothing was abruptly done by the County agent . After they reviewed our extensive binders of documents per child, and the long list of MD specialist that were also consulted, the County agents, cleared the allegations, and excused themselves. My husband and I felt confident that Daryl would protect our family, from those terrible allegations. Without hesitation, we will hire Daryl if we should once again, face any serious concerns. Few attorneys have the well developed negotiations skills, prompt development of a case, and bring a speedy resolution. We will always be grateful to Daryl, that our family was protected with his superior legal and professional talents.
Stella B. Avatar
Stella B.
5 star ratingDarryl Anthony got me 4 successful motions relieved and 4 convictions vacated in 4 different courts. The last one convinced me that he is a true expert at what he does. He is honest, reliable and cost effective. I recommend him with highest regards.
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Milo P.
5 star ratingI mistakenly carried a weapon into a secure zone and was in for a life changing brush with the law. It was a dumb and serious mistake and I needed help from someone that could represent me and has a good working relationship with the legal system. I chose Mr. Anthony to represent me and help explain that even though this was a serious charge that this was a mistake with no ill will in my heart. Mr. Anthony successfully represented my case and always kept me informed on what to expect and what to do next.I highly recommend Mr. Anthony to be your attorney. I wish to thank Mr. Anthony for his help, my family thanks you as well.
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John W.